Buckwheat Pillows

Zenchi Buckwheat Pillow Collection

Sleep soundly, naturally.

For centuries buckwheat pillows have been used in Japan as the pillow of choice.

The 100% natural and organic hulls contour to your head, neck and spine creating the ideal sleeping position. The pillow has been credited with relieving common symptoms associated with stress, tension, muscle discomfort and headaches.

For the 58% of Americans who suffer from sleep disorders, the Zen Chi pillow is a natural choice.  The buckwheat hulls provide natural cooling, so no more pillow flipping throughout the night. Zen Chi pillows are available in Twin, Queen, King and child/travel sizes.  Custom covers and buckwheat refills are also part of the line.

Buckwheat Pillow Benefits

  • Filled with 100% Organic grown Buckwheat Hulls - Allows air to circulate for natural cooling comfort
  • Will naturally adjust to your ideal position of Head, Neck, and Spine.
  • May relieve common sleeping problems such as tension, muscle pain, stiff neck, headache, and stress
  • 100% Refillable so you can adjust the amount of hulls to your personal liking
  • Used for centuries in Japan, the Buckwheat pillow is a organic, natural sleep pillow - perfect for anyone with foam or feather allergies as well as anyone who wants a better night's sleep

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