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Sleep soundly, naturally with the revolutionary Zen Chi pillow. For centuries the Japanese has used home-grown buckwheat hulls to sleep effortlessly and soundly. Sadly, these pillows have been a secret to the US market until now. If you have never slept on a buckwheat pillow, your night will never be the same.





BuckWheat Pillows

Will naturally adjust to your ideal position of Head, Neck, and Spine


Yoga Blocks

Made of premium quality foam


Pillow Cases

Premium thread count Pillow Case for your Zen Chi or any buckwheat Pillow


Yoga Mats

Includes free yoga mat carrying bag




Sally N.

   I love this pillow. I can mold it to my head and face, sleep comfortably either on my back or on my side, and it has provided me with the support I need. My chiropractor suggested I get one, and after searching around, price comparing and review reading, I chose this one. Well, turns out I love it and I’ve just ordered another for my husband!    

L. Merkelson

   Over the years I have used many types of pillows; none relieved my stiff neck like the Buckwheat Zen Chi pillow after the first use! This pillow is truly amazing! It has been one week since I started sleeping with this pillow and I am impressed with how significantly better I feel and how much more rested I feel as well. I would highly recommend this pillow to anyone who has had chronic stiff neck, trap muscles, and/or headaches associated with stiff muscles. It’s great for side, stomach, and back sleepers as you can form it to comfortably fit any position.    

K. Porter

   These pillows are a replacement for my last set of Buckwheat pillows. They are nice sized – a little bigger than my last ones. They are also nice and firm. Although it takes a little getting used to them, I really recommend these for anyone with back or neck problems. I can’t sleep without mine now.    

R. A Rocha

   My chiropractor suggested i get a buckwheat pillow after i was having chronic neck and shoulder pain. this pillow took that all away. if you haven’t owned a buckwheat pillow before it will take a couple of nights to get used to, but once you are, you’ll never go back to soft-filled pillows. The buckwheat supports your head with absolute comfort and molds to any position you want to lay in with out your head sinking down. recommend to everyone!